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Experience the Art of Natural Dye​

  • Tomorrow Is Always New, owner and artist, Maki teaches both Japanese and Western natural dyeing techniques

  • Workshops are available at physical spaces and online

  • Japanese and English are available 


The natural dyeing with onion skins workshop I took was excellent and very well organized. I would say, the perfect combination between theory time and hands-on time. Very recommendable!

Lina, B


I totally loved it and learned a lot. Maki is a wonderful and lovely teacher. It was relaxing, fun and educational all together.

Kirsten, S


The indigo workshop was very knowledgeable, useful, friendly and full of peaceful atmosphere. Maki was willing to share everything with us, she answered our questions in an all-inclusive and expand way, I got a lot of dyeing knowledge (not just about indigo) in every step!


Upcoming Workshops in 2024 

Past Events
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