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un/tethered series was created by Gwendolyn Gussman, the founder of HOLDTIGHT interdisciplinary performance company founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2016. 

1st section of the 3 series 'together' was made World Premiere in April 2024 at The Studio Loft at The Ellie Caulkins Opera House at the Arts Complex in Denver, Colorado with the support of Denver Arts and Venues.

As a creative collaborator, I orchestrated the entire art production for the expansive 8000 sq space, known as the The Studio Loft at The Ellie Caulkins Opera House, crafting everything from the set to the performers' costumes, which were dyed using only natural materials. My inspiration stemmed from Gwen's narrative, encapsulated in the phrase: "together: un/tethered explores our ties to the world and each other." This exploration delves into the intricate connections that bind us, yet are also subject to alteration, severance, and reconnection. Interweaving elements of movement, original music, immersive theater, personal storytelling, visual artistry, and audience participation, the experience leads spectators on a poignant odyssey, celebrating both the depths of grief and the heights of joy.

This endeavor bore parallels to my previous project, MUSUBI//CONNECTIONS, which centered around the act of tying knots and forging connections with nature, culture, and individuals. Drawing upon this thematic continuity, I repurposed the MUSUBI wishing knots, a tapestry of a thousand individual wishes, weathered over six months of outdoor display. Departing from past presentations, I reimagined the display with a copper arch, sculpting an immersive landscape reminiscent of natural formations- peaks and sweeping oceanic currents—designed to evoke heightened emotional resonance.

The culmination of this endeavor gave rise to a new artistic creation: CATCH, evocatively mirroring the form and function of fishing nets, symbolizing the ephemeral nature of moments and emotions that easily slip away. Complementing this motif, strands of hemp rope embody the entanglements and complexities inherent in the human condition—each strand a tangible manifestation of the tangled threads we carry throughout our lives.

In a departure from traditional materials, I embarked on a novel exploration, repurposing hundreds of discarded white t-shirts as canvases for artistic expression. Each shirt underwent a transformative journey, hand-dyed using a diverse array of natural elements, from food scraps to donated flower remnants, sourced from local flower shop, Karakara Blooms

One particularly provocative piece, FORGET ME NOW, took the form of a "cell phone nest," prompting viewers to confront their own reliance on digital devices. Through this installation, I posed a poignant question: Can we untether ourselves from our smartphones, which so often bind us to the rhythms of everyday life?

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