I work in the medium of natural dye to inspire my audiences through the color and texture of natural materials.

In this time of overstimulation and constant busyness, I believe that bringing people back into a state of connection with nature can create a meditative experience and restore our balance. And by working with sustainably sourced, biodegradable materials, I encourage my audiences to consider how they can live in a responsible manner and make a positive contribution to the environmental health of the planet. 

Natural dye allows me to express the tension in nature between beauty and impermanence. Leaves, flowers, nuts and plants that make color, such as indigo, are beautiful but fragile and can only exist in certain conditions. However, through natural dye their color can be refined and enriched to survive for long periods of time through dye on fabric.  

In this way, the color from nature can live on and transform to a different form than it originally existed, which gives birth to the name of my studio, Tomorrow is Always New.