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“Yesterday and today are similar but they are not the same. And tomorrow is always new.”

 – Time, by Tanigawa Shuntaro

I use natural materials to create work through dye, preserving transitory beauty in a durable, long-lasting form. The most beautiful things in nature, such as leaves, flowers, and plants, are fragile and can only exist in certain conditions. However, through natural dye their color can be refined and enriched to survive for long periods of time through dye on fabric. I also create biodegradable mobiles and wall art made out of hand dyed fabrics and yarns. In this way, I explore the tension in nature between beauty and impermanence. There is inherently an interactive element in my art by asking viewers to consider the interplay between the impermanence of nature in its original form and how it is re-created through dyes, fabric, and mobiles.

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