For a long time,
I was looking for a way to combine my love of art, textile design and nature.
Then, I met natural dyeing.
It was electrifying to open a new creative door.  
Soft, earthy, gentle, and sometimes surprisingly bright, the colors from nature completely captivated me. I also found the slow process of extracting natural colors and dyeing or painting fabrics by hand meditative, bringing me to a serene mindset.
I started Tomorrow Is Always New to share this joy and experience with you. I hope you will enjoy my work and that we will meet in person at my workshops.
Maki Teshima
Founder & Artist


 Tomorrow Is Always New

products are


I use plant-based fabrics such as cotton and linen. Also, I use silk and wool. I don't use synthetic fabrics. 
The colors I use to dye with are all extracted from
trees, leaves, flowers, roots, and food waste.
They all come from the Earth and go back to the Earth.
Just like us.
One of a Kind 
I hand dye, hand print and hand paint all products.
Each product is a unique piece of art.
made by
Local Women and Immigrants
Home goods are sewn by wonderful women
who came to the United States with hopes and dreams. 
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