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The Sankaku "Triangle" Smiley bandannas were hand dyed naturally by Maki Teshima in her residence in Denver, Colorado. Colorado's very sunny and dry weather inspired her to make these bandanna. The cutest smiley embroidery was made possible with a special collaboration. Esquire Embroidery is a small local Denver company run by a Japanese & American couple.  We used recycled threads, which are cotton/ acrylic or wool/ acrylic mixed. A 30 year-old Tajima embroidery machine did a great job on embroidering the smiley one by one. Even with the machine, each smiley is slightly different. 


  • SOLD OUT Indigo Blue was dyed with 2 different natural indigo vats Maki makes. 8 dips created the deep blue. Natural indigo prevents bug bites as well. 

  • SOLD OUT Carrot Yellow was dyed with green carrot tops. It is a very soft yummy yellow color.

  • SOLD OUT Marigold Yellow was dyed with home grown marigold flower petals.  It is a rich deep yellow color.

  • 2 LEFT Madder Pink was dyed with one of the ancient dye materials, madder roots. With a help of wheat bran, It became a beautiful bright peachy color.

  • Due to the use of natural dyes, shades may vary


  • Size 20"x20"x29" perfect for children, adults and your pets 

  • 100% Cotton

Sankaku Niko Niko Bandanna

$35.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Gentle Products Need Gentle Care 

    Tomorrow Is Always New products are hand- dyed each piece with natural materials. Chemical reducing materials such as sodium hydrosulfite or thiorurea dioxide are not used to make indigo dye. All products are washed with pH neutral detergent after dyeing. 

    • Hand wash cold with pH neutral detergent separated from other items. You could use pH neutral, no artificial colored dish soap such as Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dish Soap.
    • Line dry in the shade. Do not hang dry in direct sunlight. 
    • Do not tumble dry. 
    • Do not bleach.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • The indigo dye could bleed and it could stain other fabrics. Please use it with caution. 
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