These Niko Niko (Smiley) socks were hand dyed with natural organic indigo without chemicals such as thiox or hydros. Niko Niko face were discharged with Bassen technique one by one with a hand cut screen. 

Adult Size 9-11 was dyed with indigo first, mordanted and dyed with onion skins. So the blue shade is slightly green. 


No. 1 Adult size 9, Onions skin and indigo dyed

Special deal from $35 to $20 

No. 2 Kids size 6, Set of 2

Special deal from $40 to $20

No. 3 Newborn size Set of 2

Special deal from $30 to $20

*1 sock color has lighter shade

No. 4 Kids size 3, Set of 2

Special deal from $30 to $20

Niko Niko Socks

$35.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Gentle products need gentle care. 

  • Bamboo rayon socks are softer than cotton, highly absorbent sweat & odor. Bamboo itself is very renewable resource that grows fast without chemicals and pesticides. 

    94% Bamboo rayon and 6% Spandex

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