Do you remember the feeling of going to a rave party and danced all night? I do. I did a lot in 90s. Not after having kids : ) 

These naturally dyed bamboo fiber socks bring you the joy of dancing while you are at home or camping with your family : ) 


Size  9-11

Bottom Row in the picture

No.48 Annato Orange & Indigo Dyed

No.49 Annato Orange & Indigo Dyed

No.50 Weld Yellow & Indigo Dyed

No.51 Weld Yellow & Indigo Dyed

No.52 Cochineal Pink & Indigo Dyed

No.53 Cochineal Pink & Indigo Dyed

No.54 Cochineal Pink & Iron mordant & Indigo Dyed 


Size 11-13

Top Row in the Picture

No. 41 Annato Orange & Indigo Dyed

No. 42 Annato Orange & Indigo Dyed

No.43 Annato Orange & Indigo Dyed

No.44 Weld Yellow & Indigo Dyed

No.45 Cochineal Pink & Indigo Dyed

No.46 Cochineal Pink & Indigo Dyed

No.47 Cochineal Pink & Iron mordant & Indigo Dyed


New Born Baby Size

No. 55 Onion Skin Yellow & Indigo Dyed No. 56 Avocado Pink & Indigo Dyed Set of 2 pairs

Special deal from $30 to $20 

Rave Socks

Color and Size
  • Gentle Products Need Gentle Care 

    Tomorrow Is Always New products are hand- dyed each piece with natural materials in Brooklyn, NYC. Chemical reducing materials such as sodium hydrosulfite or thiorurea dioxide are not used to make indigo dye. All products are washed with pH neutral detergent after dyeing. 

    • Hand wash cold with pH neutral detergent separated from other items. You could use pH neutral, no artificial colored dish soap such as Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dish Soap.
    • Line dry in the shade. Do not hang dry in direct sunlight. 
    • Do not tumble dry. 
    • Do not bleach.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • The indigo dye could bleed and it could stain other fabrics. Please use it with caution. 
  • Bamboo rayon socks are softer than cotton, highly absorbent sweat & odor. Bamboo itself is very renewable resource that grows fast without chemicals and pesticides. 

    94% Bamboo rayon and 6% Spandex

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